Welcome to Free Kachin

We hope this campaign can be a spark to start a fire

This site will tell you what the Burmese generals & government do not want you to know about Free Kachin, an independent area in the foothills of the Himalaya where Kachins can live with human rights & self-determination. 

Just a few years ago in the Kachin, there was no fighting, no refugee camps, no burnt villages and few recent cases of serious human rights abuses.  Today the situation is infinitely worst than anytime in the last 20 years. The news would have you belive that things are much better in Burma. Kachin now has 120,000+ refugees, 100’s of civilans killed or raped. Yet few people or organizations are paying attention or helping.

 The Free Kachin Campaign is working toward making Kachin’s land, people, history & politics known to the world.  If you spend just a few minuites browsing this site we are sure you will want to help the Kachin achieve a peaceful future with human rights and self-determination.