Dig around this site a little and see what you discover

This website and campaign are designed to give you the knowledge, motivation and resources to make some action in support of the Kachin.

If you take about one or two hours of your day and read all of the “learn more about…” pages on the right, study the photos, watch the movie and follow a few links you will know enough to begin working effectively to help the Kachin toward their goal of a peaceful future with human rights and self-determination.

The Free Kachin Campaign was started by Ryan Libre, a documentary photographer / film-maker who has spent the last 8 years in close contact with or living with the Kachin.

The Free Kachin Campaign is Not for Profit and non centralized endeavor.  We simply want to empower you to take action and be there to guide when needed.

Some people reading this may be wondering “There are many Burma campaigns, why do you need a special campaign for the Kachin?

What little people know about the Union of Myanmar is largely from a Burmese perspective.  Whether it be from the Junta state media that gets republished in a surprisingly large number of places or from the NLD point of view that  seems to be the only opposition view that most international media are interested in covering.

The Kachins have different stories that need to be told, different historical factors and different ways to see the problems and solutions.

Also while the content of this site is primarily about the Kachin ethnic group, many of the themes speak to issues relevant to all the ethnic minorities in Burma.

Any suggestions or questions related to the campaign, the site content, or design are very welcome and will help this project grow.  E-Mail  info@freekachin.org