The Kachin People

The Kachin people have lived under the occupation of the Burmese government for 50 years, but are not at all Burmese. They have a unique history, culture, and language and are closer to the Tibetans.

Although many have moved to the valleys and plains in recent generations the Kachin are a mountain people.

Within the Kachin there are 7 linguistic sub-groups, each with a particular dress. They consider themselves of one ethnicity because they all share the same last names and all share the same dancing festival traditions. 

The Kachin people also live in Yunnan, China and in NE India.  They meet regularly and keep their bonds strong.

The Kachin mostly refer to themselves collectively as Wungpang.  Kachin is the word that the Burmese and the world use to refer to them.

The Kachin population is about 3.5 million people,  of which about 1 million live in the borders of Burma today.