The Panglong Agreement was signed in 1947 by the Kachin leaders and Gen. Aung San  ( Aung San Suu Kyi’s father).

The purpose of the Panglong agreement was to establish a federal union of previously independent nations like the Kachin.

The union was to look something like the EU today, with the states controlling most aspects of their affairs with “internal autonomy”.

The Panglong Agreement states, “it ( the new central government) will not operate in respect of the Frontier (ethnic) Areas in any manner which would deprive any portion of these Areas of the autonomy which it now enjoys in internal administration. Full autonomy in internal administration for the Frontier (ethnic) Areas is accepted in principle.”

Today the Kachin can not control their resources, use their language, practice their culture, express their opinions or practice their religion freely outside of the Kachin Independence Organization controlled area.   This is not the union the Kachin agreed to join. Until the promised union is finally a reality, or the signing members go back to being independent states, there will be no peace & stability in the union.