UNHCR report on Ethnic Problems in Burma

Short and simple UNHCR report on Ethnic Problems in Burma.

The reports starts …  ”Mutual distrust, power struggles and tension over the hoarding of resources, including gold, gems and timber, have characterized the long history between the rulers of Myanmar – primarily of Burman background….”   Follow the link below to read more


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Elections in Kachin

Clothes for refugees where Voting polls should be in laiza

Today, April Fools Day,  much of the world is cheering for democratic elections in Burma, this is what voting looks like in Kachin. This is where one of the polls should have been.  This is where the 2008 referendum took place in Laiza.

Today it is void of people and a distribution center for donations to refugees caused by the fighting which the Burmese president has publicly order to stop on two occasions, however his commanders have ignored his orders.

Laiza is one of the largest towns in N. Burma, however no elections were ever planned for here.  In the whole of the Kachin State other elections were planned, but later cancelled due to “security concerns”.  Aung San Suu Kyi and others have openly said there are no security concerns and the government has self-serving motives.   The KIO said they would help protect the polling stations if asked and would cause no problems of any kind.  Despite the governments excuse not matching reality, which the Burmese government has a long history of, many foreign press reported it as truth and made it seem like the KIO/KIA were threatening the elections.

The 2012 Bi-elections had two prominent Kachin set to run for office, Bawk Ja and Dr. Tuja.  The Kachin State Progressive Party is still banned from contesting the elections.

The sign above the clothes says, “the path to victory is practicality” True to their words – until the lofty goal of voting reaches Laiza, they will continue to use it for more practical purposes.

If the world believes in these elections, the Burmese government will have pulled off the biggest April fools joke in history.


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Free Kachin Campaign Stickers at the White House

Free Kachin Campaign Stickers surface at the White House during a peace vigil.     See image on the link below.


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Burmese Army continues offensive attacks after gov call for end

The Burma army continues its offensive attacks against the Kachin Independence Army and Kachin civilians despite a call from the government to call off hostilities.  this photo was taken on dec 16th and the red glow shows the house still smoldering.

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UN visits to Free Kachin for the first time

The UN's first visit to the KIO area

The United Nations  was allowed to enter the KIO control area yesterday Dec 14th.

read an article on the UN’s visit and look at more photos of the UN’s visit





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Aljazeera reports on the fighting in Kachin


very good 3 min video covering the front-lines, human rights abuses, and more.

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CBS world news reports on the Kachin and ethnic situation

“This ( the ethnic issue) is the most intractable problem facing the state since independence. I would argue it is more important than ‘democracy’ as an issue,” says David Steinberg, a Myanmar scholar at Washington’s Georgetown University.

read full story at CBS

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Fears of chemcial attacks on civilians in Mai Ja Yang

Eye witness reports and images of “yellow rain” near the front lines. Local Kachin believe it could be a chemical agent sprayed from the air by the Burmese. Read full story on the DVB

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Report on the Human Rights abuses in Kachin

Partners has released a very detail, but very readable report titled ” Crimes in Northern Burma” on the Human Rights abuses in Kachin.

Please see the report here

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Free Kachin Campaign to holds its first hexhibition & event

The event is co-organized with the San Francisco Kachin Baptist Church & Kachin Heritage Organization and titled - Awareness and Fundraising Event for the Kachin Refugees.

It will feature an exhibition by Ryan Libre & they will be giving away stickers and postcards at the event

You are cordially invited to this event to enjoy Kachin cultural food, music and dance, to find out the current situations among the refugees, and to learn the Kachin people’s struggle for freedom in Burma.

Dec 17 from 1pm to 5 pm.
The Little Theater @ Serramonte Del Rey
699 Serramonte Blvd., Daly City, CA, 94015

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