Kachin protest in Tokyo, Japan

Kachin protest in Tokyo, Japan

1 Organize a photo exhibition / video screening in your university or elsewhere.  Hopefully we can have at least one exhibit up somewhere at all times. Invite a guest speaker to come to your exhibition.

2 Sign our petition to world leaders to take immediate action to stop the state-sanctioned violence and human rights abuses and work towards a future where the Kachin can live peacefully with the self-determination

Contact major media outlets and local news to demand they start covering the situation in Kachin seriously.

4 Show support and raise awareness by wearing some visible symbol. such as KIA patches, or T-shirts which we will design.  We will make patches available for a small donation, and give T-shirt designs for free for them to print themselves.

Pass out pamphlets at the universities and other places with clear and moving words and images to get more people aware and involved.

6 Make a student or civil, Free Kachin club!

Directly support an organizations working in kachin.  The website will have a list of organizations working, what they do, and what they need.  Some groups will interest one organization and “adopt” them.

If these go well we can add more activites,  you input is welcome.