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Don't let those computer go to waste, contact a newspaper today!

Don't let those computer go to waste, contact a newspaper today!

Campaign to contact different media outlets and ask why they are not covering this important issue….  Also to add meaningful comment on the stories that are being published about the Kachin and send letters to the editors thanking them for covering the Kachins plight.

4/5/12 Excellent op-ed in Bloomburg, titled “Can We Trust Myanmar? Ask the Kachin as They Die” by Rowan Jacobsen. The writer and editors mails are at the bottom of the story.

4/2/12 BBC’s Sue Lloyd Robert excellent story on  Kachin plight reveals Burma’s patchy progress Video report to follow soon. 7/26/11  Forbes Magazine published a good story on the Junta’s and China’s resource extraction from Kachin and other ethnic areas with little regard to the environmental or social impacts. Comment on the article and thank the editors Activists and journalists who want to write about the Kachin can request a guide/resource packet with some basic tips and contacts to get them started. guide to writing about Kachin Good way to get daily updates about the Kachin from all over the web is to sign up to Google Alerts for “Kachin” or “Kachin Independence Army” Details, contact info and form letters coming soon

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