Photo Exhibitions

Kachin exhibition at the Nikon Salon in Tokyo

Engaged in thought and discussion at a Kachin exhibition at the Nikon Salon in Tokyo

A photo exhibition can move people and leave a lasting impression in a way that the mass media can’t come close to.   However even a very successful show only reaches thousands of people. We need to organize as many shows as possible around the globe to increase awareness of the situation in Kachin.

The Nikon Salon in downtown Tokyo

Portraits of Independence exhibition at The Nikon Salon in downtown Tokyo

Ryan Libre’s exhibition titled ” Portraits of Independence : Inside the Kachin Independence Organization” from Kachin won the 2010 Nikon Inspiration Award, was supported in part by the Pulitzer Center and has been shown in some of the best galleries in Asia.

We have an exhibition ready to show that we can send to you for display at your university or other venue.   We can also organize a video screening at the same time or venue to maximize the interest and impact.  Check out the photos below, which have been printed 20×30” and can be sent to your venue for exhibition.

Free Kachin Campaign Exhibition – Images by ryan libre

You may request for someone with firsthand experience in Kachin to be a guest speaker at the exhibition or screenings.  Guest speakers might include a Kachin refugee, or one of the writers who have accompanied Ryan Libre.  We will try to support your event by speaking, but can not guarantee that we can make it to every event.


1 Location is very important – choose a location where people already go.  It makes for less PR work and attracts more chance visitors. Also, the more important the location, the more important the story will seem.  Think big

2 PR – Even with a good location, you will want to start the PR weeks before the exhibition starts.  It’s good to have an event on the opening day with the movie or a speaker, or just throw a party.

Requesting an exhibition

Please send photos (or video) of the proposed location with a link or intro about it and dates.   contact info