World Watch

Whatever the world does related to Kachin, good or bad, We are watching you

This campaign will watch and share what the world’s governments, corporations and organizations are doing in relation to the situation in Kachin.   Please follow up with the suggestion actions and tell others about the situation.

6/8/11  The Russian government is selling 20 MiG-29 fighter jets to the Burmese Army for an estimated 570,000,000 USD.   The Burmese army, who is facing a UN inquiry into crimes against humanity,  will use the jets to attack its own population.  Read more and contact your Russian embassy today and tell them what you think of this.

25/7/11   The Indian government, the world’s largest democracy, sends a new shipment of arms to the Burmese Army even with international call for the creation of a UN commission of inquiry into crimes against humanity and war crimes in Burma are growing.

Recommended actions :

Read more on the DVB and the Washington Post

Contact the Indian Embassy in your country and ask them to reconsider sending arms to an army that is known for Human Rights abuses and war crimes.  Or consider demonstration in front of an embassy.  Even one person with a large sign for a few hours can send a strong message that people are aware and people care.  India is democratic and cares about its image in the world.   List of Indian Embassies worldwide