Myitsone Dam

Large scale hydro-power projects are at best a win-lose outcome.   The Myitsone dam is a real lose-lose deal.

The electric made goes to China  –  the water to a military backed mega plantation on land stolen by the Junta  –  The money goes to the military government  – the good jobs go to Chinese engineers -the bad jobs go to Chinese inmates.  Leaving the local Kachin population with nothing.

The dam project has now been put on hold till the current president’s term is over.  Officially because the new Burmese government listened to the voice of the people.  The real reason is closer to the construction was going slow and over budget cause of the recent fighting, so the Chinese companies wanted to wait and let the Burmese government look good by putting it on hold.     After just a few months there are many signs that seem as if the construction will re-start.  Villagers who where forcibly removed from their land were arrested when they tried to return after news that the dam had been “cancelled”.