Inviting your networks to a talk and showing images is a great way to get people in your area interested.

This can be very informal or a large organized event.  Please feel free to speak yourself and share what you know or invite one of your speakers to skype in or speak in person if possible.

Possible guest speakers include

Ryan Libre – Photographer / Film maker who has spent 8 years documenting the Kachin.

Location : Laiza / Thailand / Japan


Gum Sang Nsang – head of the Kachin Alliance, a US based 501c that works to lobby for Kachin affairs in Washington DC

Location : Greater DC area


Tim Patterson – Writer who has written many articles about the Kachin over the years.

Location : Vermont


If you are someone with firsthand experience in Kachin and would like to volunteer to be a possible guest speaker please contact us. Of course if someone requests you don’t have to go,  depends on your time and resources.